Protoss Gameplay Features For Starcraft 2

Starcraft2 continues the epic saga that began in Starcraft with three races – Terrans, Protoss and Zergs – battling each other for control of the outer reaches of the Milky Way. In this game you always take on the role of each of the three races so that you have a different hoodpay perspective of the various parts of the game. This means you need to use different gameplays for each segment.


The Portoss have advanced technology and with the potent psionic abilities they possess, they once considered themselves to be the dominant race. However, in their battles with insurmountable numbers of Zergs, these abilities were not enough. In the sequel to the original game, the Protoss are now at a crossroads and must start to adapt changes if they are to continue. So, in StarCraft 11 they have new technologies and abilities and are bringing back ancient weapons to help them in their fight.

The Psionic matrix is still part of the new game. This is a field of energy emitted by a Pylon that forms the basis of the Protoss structure. A probe can warp buildings into a matrix form, redribbonlive but since the matrix powers the buildings, if the buildings do down, so does the matrix. There is a new unit in Starcraft 2 called a Phase Prism, which is a transport ship that can also transform itself into a Pylon and emit its own psionic matrix.

Warp in technology has also been added to the Protoss technology in the new game. This permits any unit from a Warpgate, which is an upgraded gateway, to become part of the psionic matrix at any location on the battlefield. This gives a new role to the Phase Prism. ristomanager

The strengths of the Protoss have been expanded in the sequel so that they include:

– more powerful and defensive units
– buildings that can warp themselves into play
– probes with the ability to build multiple structures instantly
– phase cannons that can attack from the land and the air
– the ability of phase cannons to detect invisible units
– plasma shields that can regenerate themselves
– phase prisms can become a substitute pylon matrix
– phase prisms can warp into the battlefield using an upgraded warpgate
– Colossi has the ability to traverse up and down any terrain

The weaknesses of the Protoss in this new version are:

– the units are expensive and take a long time to build
– buildings have to be located within the matrix
– buildings that are outside of the psionic matrix will go offline
– Colossus is susceptible to anti-air

Three of the maps for this game are:

– Dark Templar
– Vikings Outmatched
– Planet Cracking

The game is still in the development stage MATRIX CRACK and there are likely to be more additions before it is complete and released to the public. As yet no release date has been announced. It is known that the game will be released in all countries simultaneously so that players in one country will not get any advantage over players in other parts of the world. This action is also possible to prevent any pirating of the game in countries where it hasn’t been released.


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