What Do Guys Like in Bed? Here Are Some of the Major Things Guys Like in Bed! Read This Now

There are a few things that men want in bed although some guys may be too shy to say them. If you want to make every moment with your man in bed as memorable as possible, huisentuinpassie you should try doing some of these tips. Keep in mind that you should always want to satisfy your man in bed so that he wouldn’t desire another woman ever again.

Men like things to be clean

Even though men would not admit it, they want things in the bedroom to be clean. Who would get turned on in a place so untidy and messy? They do not just want the room to be clean, tossncook they also want both of you to be clean and fresh before doing the deed. What you can do is have a nice warm shower before you get things going in order to avoid any uncomfortable hygiene mishaps.

Men like to take things slow

Even though you think that men like to get it on as soon as they can, you may be in for a surprise. Men like to take things slow and be relaxed, so as not to be pressured into getting it up. At times, they might need some time for the much needed foreplay. Again never rush, take your time as you both have the whole night together.

Men would want you to talk

This may come as a surprise but men like you to talk in daihatsumedan bed in order to make things even hotter. Think of the dirtiest words you can come up with in order to get you both in the mood. If you are not a fan of dirty talk, you can tell him the things you want and wait for him to willingly respond.

Men want you to be comfortable

Men want to make you feel relaxed around him. If this is the first time you two will be doing it and you’re still feeling awkward and uneasy, zmiiv you can start by cuddling first or talking more about yourselves.

Give something in return

There are some women who just like receiving pleasure but men want you to return the favor. Do not forget about your partner when you are in bed. Unless he tells you that he wants to make this night all about you, it is just appropriate to give him back some pleasure.

Men like you to take control

Although men are generally more aggressive in bed, usdailyglobe men secretly want you to take control. Surprise him by barking orders and telling him what you want. However, do not make him feel as if he’s in military school.

Men like to cuddle after sex, too

Men are also very emotional. They aren’t the type who would just want to get things over with. You’ll be surprised that they also want to feel you after doing it. Take a few minutes to cuddle with him after doing the deed. hoodpay


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